LAB-GROWN MEAT in a doodle: What is Cellular Agriculture?

Yes, he’s holding a steak. No, he’s not aware of his presence in this article 🌚
  • 265 litres of water 💧
  • 25 square metres of land 🌲
  • 16 pounds of greenhouse gases ⛽️
Sad moment :(

What is cellular agriculture?

Honestly, that would be very cool (and a little bit creepy 🌚).
Petri dish moment 🧫

How does “lab-grown” meat work?

1. Stem Cells 🐄

Cell lines are cell cultures developed from the same cell and therefore have the same genetic makeup.

2. Growth Serum 🧫

3. Scaffolding 🥩

4. Consumption 🍽

Leading lab-grown meat companies to check out:



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